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Located in the City of Pune, Design Evolution Lab is an architectural & full service interior design studio helping people enrich their lives through customized design. We prioritize clients well-being, seamlessly blending nature-inspired elements, lighting and ergonomics into designs that foster tranquility.

"Custom design empowers you to make choices and craft an environment that truly feels like yours"

At Design Evolution Lab, we prioritize your distinctive requirements, placing them at the forefront of our mission. Be assured you'll be working with the best interior designer in Pune beyond design, we oversee the entire construction, ensuring you enjoy the journey of creating your dream home fully!



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Interior Design

Our designers are well equipped in creating beautiful and comfortable ambiences for any space. With attention to detail and knowledge of turnkey solutions, you can trust us to create a design that showcase your vision! Being best interior designer in Pune; We can help you create a beautiful, functional space that reflects your personality.

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Architectural Design

The firm specializes in creating innovative architectural designs for homes and businesses. We strive to create unique and exciting spaces by focusing on sustainability. Our consultation includes concept development and constructing co-ordination. We also help our clients hire contractors and acquire permissions from government authorities.



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Ar. Sushil Bharate

Co-founder, Design, Business Development.

Meet Sushil, an expert designer with a keen eye for symbolism in design. He handles design and business development at Design Evolution Lab.

With a B. Arch. degree from BKPS College of Architecture, Pune & 9 years of experience, he is highly qualified for any project. Sushil kickstarted his career at Ar. Premnath & Associates, Fort, Mumbai.

Later, he joined Beirut based DAR group, where he worked on large-scale projects. Notably, he was part of the design team for the Khalifa International Stadium (FIFA 2022) in Qatar. Exposure to international standards helps him manage his own design projects efficiently.

Sushil loves to conceptualization. It's exciting and fulfilling for him to combine various elements the design through thorough research.

in his own words

“good design accommodate all requirements in a timeless style while using minimum resources; it should be accessible to all, regardless of cultural, financial barriers.”

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Ar. Agraja Dhomne 

Co-founder, Design, Project Management.

Meet Agraja, our co-founder and a talented powerhouse. She holds a B. Arch degree from the gov-affiliated BKPS College of Architecture, Pune,

With a remarkable career spanning over 9 years, Agraja began her journey at Ar. Ajay Shirke and Associates. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in designing numerous spaces. This encompasses themed resorts, hotels, and opulent private residences.

This experience improved her ability to design spaces that offer superior level of comfort. Her expertise lies in creating comfortable and luxurious spaces. She finds immense satisfaction in bringing her clients creative vision to life.

in her own words

“good design is not just about aesthetics; it is about creating spaces that enhance experiences and simplify daily routines”.


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✅  A great option for busy folks.

Looking up interior designer in Pune to execute your ideas? De Lab is the perfect answer for busy individuals like yourself. We offer services from the initial design stage to the final on-site execution. With our team of professionals, we are well equipped to bring your ideas to life efficiently, leaving you stress-free!

✅  Smart budget optimization.

Need an expert interior designer in Pune who can help you optimize your budget? Our team is comprised of expert professionals who can advise how to best spend or not spend money before any purchases are made. We understand how important it is to be on a budget: we make sure your funds are used optimally!

✅  Top notch after-sale service.

We are committed to cultivating strong relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary after sale service and unwavering support. Our products are build to last, however, if replacement is needed, we send a team right away; this have earned us the reputation of being best interior designer in Pune.

Get Tailored One of a kind Design Options

Get Tailored One of a Kind Design Options

Obtain Transparent Modular Estimates

Receive Handover on Agreed Time

Receive Handover on Agreed Time

Enjoy Exceptional 12-Year Warranty

Enjoy Exceptional 12-Year Warranty*

Get Exclusive Décor Lists from E-Stores

Get Exclusive Décor Lists from E-Stores

Experience Design Evolved in 3D

Experience Design Evolved in 3D

Move Ready Support for NRI

Move Ready Support for NRIs*

Move In Deep Cleaned Cozy Home

Move In Deep Cleaned Cozy Home


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Ankita Nandkeolyar

I've worked with Agraja and Sushil for two projects now - my Office & Home and I can say that they are excellent at their work. They are patient, understanding and are able to convert any idea into perfect execution.

They believe in their client's vision and come up with solutions for space that balances both aesthetics and functionality. Their professional approach helped us complete the projects in a timely manner. I will highly recommend them.

Project: Residential and Commercial Interior Design


Cost of interiors mainly consist of four components 1. Consultation Charges, 2. Cost of execution on site, 3. Civil Work, 4. Styling items & electronics (curtains, mattresses, chimney, fridge, ACs etc.). As a thumb rule ideally one should invest in the range of 10% to 25% of the total property cost. Or one should keep aside budget of Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2500 per sq. ft. area of the place. This budget will ensure use of long lasting materials (up to 20 years) & complete overhaul of the place for better living. 👍
There are many ways to do it. 🧐 If client is sure about the range; we suggest design within that limit. After understanding clients requirements and style we generate projected estimate 📃: This gives us rough idea about the cost before design. Once design is done we generate another detailed estimate; which we get optimized and approved from the client before ordering materials. Detailed design process and 3D visuals helps us sort out shape, size and finishes; this leave no room for errors and saves cost. 🙂
Generally, designing takes 3-6 weeks for flats and 5-8 weeks for villas. For flats (3-4bhk) with existing flooring, wall finishes and bathrooms, execution usually take 12-15 weeks. Interiors is not straightforward process. It has many agencies involved and there is overlap between them. To ensure quality workmanship optimal time should be given to the contractors 👷‍♀️. Rest assured once promised we do not extend our work beyond deadline. 🙂
"Nothing comes free, nothing. Not even good, especially good"  🙇 Based on expertise, experience and popularity professional Interior designers charge around 8% to 15% of the total project cost.  A precise quote can be provided only after our initial consultation. Professional interior designers bring expertise in design principles & budget management. Access to resources, attention to detail, and problem-solving make them valuable partners  🤝 in creating a well-crafted and cohesive environment.
We begin the design process with a thorough understanding of your requirement as well as your preferred style. 🖌️ Usually it take one or two revisions before finalizing the design. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the design that we have shown you, we will be happy to work on additional concept, at no additional charge.* 🤗
Absolutely! We believe in maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We do not ask our client to follow up brands/vendors for maintenance. We have established a good relationship 🤝 with authorized distributers in Pune. Who value us and thus our clientele; hence they provide excellent service to us. 🙂 We provide exceptional 12 years of warranty* on products under our scope; given that there is no accidental damage involved.
We encourage our clients to submit requirements through contact form ✏️. After receiving enquiry one of our co-founders get in touch with the client for detailed requirements. Next we schedule a site visit to get a feel of ambience & scale. Later we set up initial consultation free of charge 🤝 in order to introduce our process. This consultation includes concept design and projected estimate for the entire project.

We are a perfect match if...

✓ If you want space designed exclusively for your needs. ✓ If you believe customer service is more important than price. ✓ If you feel well organized space gives you a sense of control. ✓ If you prefer a real commitment over empty promise. ✓ If you want stepwise systematic payment plan!

Ready to discuss ideas with us? We would love to hear about your project.