- Hellen Keller


Ar. Sushil Bharate

Co-founder, Design, Business Development.

Meet Sushil, an expert designer with a keen eye for symbolism in design. He handles design and business development at Design Evolution Lab.

With a B. Arch. degree from BKPS College of Architecture, Pune & 9 years of experience, he is highly qualified for any project. Sushil kickstarted his career at Ar. Premnath & Associates, Fort, Mumbai.

Later, he joined Beirut based DAR group, where he worked on large-scale projects. Notably, he was part of the design team for the Khalifa International Stadium (FIFA 2022) in Qatar. Exposure to international standards helps him manage his own design projects efficiently.

Sushil loves to conceptualization. It's exciting and fulfilling for him to combine various elements the design through thorough research.

Sushil's interests include books & films. He infuses his work with humor and an analytical mindset, approaching each project with a fresh perspective. In his free time, Sushil enjoys watercolor, photography, and cooking.

His favorite design quote:

"Study the science of art, study the art of science, develop your senses especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else." - Leonardo Da Vinci

Ar. Agraja Dhomne 

Co-founder, Design, Project Management.

Meet Agraja, our co-founder and a talented powerhouse. She holds a B. Arch degree from the gov-affiliated BKPS College of Architecture, Pune,

With a remarkable career spanning over 9 years, Agraja began her journey at Ar. Ajay Shirke and Associates. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in designing numerous spaces. This encompasses themed resorts, hotels, and opulent private residences.

This experience improved her ability to design spaces that offer superior level of comfort. Her expertise lies in creating comfortable and luxurious spaces. She finds immense satisfaction in bringing her clients creative vision to life.

Her professional success is attributed to her extroverted nature, drive to achieve goals, kind-hearted disposition, and cooperative mindset. She is highly appreciated for her talent in effective communication and collaboration.

Outside of work, Agraja enjoys engaging in hobbies that bring joy and excitement. She finds solace in tending to her garden and organizing and decorating spaces, which ignite her passion for an ideal living.

Her favorite design quote:

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." - Sir Winston Churchill


Id. Akanksha Nandvikar

Interior Designer, B. Des

Meet Akanksha, a Bachelor's of Interior Design graduate with two years of experience in the field.

She previously worked with T&B Design Studio in Pune, where she contributed to the interior architecture team, assisting with plans, 3D models, client presentations, and administrative tasks.

Known for her fun-loving nature, artistic flair, kindness, teamwork skills, and patience, Akanksha enjoys exploring new ideas, writing, dancing, and singing in her free time.


Id. Sharvari Shete

Interior Designer, B. Des

Get introduced to Sharvari, a Bachelor of Interior Design graduate with two years of experience.

She contributed her skills at I Design Studio, assisting with plans, 3D models, client interactions, and office support.

Sharvari believes good design balances utility and aesthetics, enhancing daily life. She enjoys 3D design and client interactions. With traits like being outgoing, artistic, and organized, her hobbies include dancing, watching movies and gaming.