Creative Shelf Design for Home; How to decorate Shelf?

creative shelf design for your home

Shelves have been traditionally used as a storage cum decorative space for books and trophies in traditional décor, but the modern interior designing space has accumulated creative shelf design for home into a chic corner of love.

It is nowadays a space used for showing off your collections, your touch of creativity, and your flourish in interior décor. From the corner of the room, the shelves have now acquired the eye-catching center spaces.

“A bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes; a personality is stamped on a library just as a shoe is shaped by the foot." - Alan Bennett.

Creative shelf design for home is now not limited to books but used a balance of décor objects to show off your intellect and achievements as well as your personality. It is a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

industrial shelf decor
Source: DE Lab

In this article, we have outlined some decorative ideas and tips that you can accumulate in your project of creative shelf design for home.

How to choose color palette in creative shelf design for home?

You can be specific in your creative shelf design for home by using a particular color palette. You can use the same color for the book covers as well as the decors that you are going to use on that bookshelf. It will create a soothing effect on the viewers.

You can also opt for contrasting colors for your shelf background and décor objects if you want a different touch to your shelf. This will attract eyes and give a beautiful shelf look.

color palette for shelf design
Source: Canva

Books and Knick-Knacks for Your Creative Shelf Design for Home.

Generally in the bookstores and libraries, books are kept vertically to utilize the space and provide ease of access. You use creative shelf design for home and put the books horizontally and vertically to create an aesthetic look.

It engages the eyes and provides space to adorn the shelf with knick-knacks, art pieces, and other decorative stuff.

Sculptures and Small Trophies.

"I absolutely look at people’s bookshelves. And I have some judgment. I mean, they’re openly showing you themselves.” - Andrew Sean Greer.

On those horizontally placed books, you can also place your trophies or small sculptures. These days you can also add flunk-pops related to your fandom and boast your fandom to your guests. Trophies and Certificates have adorned the shelves for a long time, instead, you can also use framed sculptures or trophies mixed with books to give it a fresh twist.

awards and books
Source: Canva

Use Different Materials to Add Texture in creative shelf design for home.

The bookshelf creates an intellectual vibe for the viewers. You can use metallic art pieces, glass decors, rustic paintings, etc. to add texture to your shelf décor.

You can also pair some vintage décor with a metallic finish and hardbound classic editions. These are a match made in heaven and will add a rustic library vibe. It is a look that is enough to attract any book lover away from the world into its mysterious world.

Layer Up the setup for innovative shelf design

This is a creative shelf design for home idea that you shouldn't miss. You should use layering's by placing the larger objects of décor or large books at the back. Then you should proceed to add smaller objects to fill the space and complement or contrast the huge background piece.

Use your decorative pieces on the shelves to fill up the spaces and balance them. In this way, there is a hierarchy of view for the viewers. It not only creates an aesthetic viewing experience but also presents a system of functionally accommodating more stuff.

Frames, Photo Frames, Abstract Artworks, Dried or Pressed Flowers - Bring It All

creative shelf design for your home 2
Source: Canva

You can use anything as the object of attention and frame it to place on the bookshelf. It can be a book cover that you want to draw attention to, a fanart that you made or bought, dried flowers or pressed leaves, or any abstract artwork.

You can use horizontally placed books as a pedestal and platform to support these frames.

Baskets or Boxes in the Lower Level

Along with the creative shelf design for home, you should also keep in mind the functionality of the bookshelf. The use of baskets or boxes in the lower level of the bookshelf provides an organized space for small objects.

It keeps them organized and easily accessible, thus adding to the  shelf experience for the users.

baskets on shelf
Source: Canava

Big to Small Hierarchy

As mentioned in one of the creative shelf design for home tips, you should place large objects before putting down small objects. This helps in creating a hierarchy in the view and fills up the glaring spaces that might trouble the viewers.

Using Artworks in creative shelf design for home

You can also use artworks from artists and replicas of famous artworks to decorate your shelf space. It adds personality to your decoration and shows to the viewers your taste and choices for innovative shelf design.

Using Decorative Lights in creative shelf design for home

You can use decorative lights and lamps to decorate your bookshelf. It will give the creative shelf design for home touch to your shelf and yet doesn't require any extra space.

book shelf decorative lighting
Source: Canva

Use Odd Numbers for innovative shelf design

You should always opt for an odd number of decorative pieces or books when you are going to divide the space into two parts. This helps in creating balance and brings the eyes to the center.

Go Green and Splurge on Plants.

Using plants as a decorative piece on your shelf will not only bring out nature's peace but also add a bohemian and chic vibe to your shelf.

plants on shelf
Source: Canva

Prevent Crowding

You can achieve a good aesthetic effect for your shelves without cluttering the space. When used in abundance, the same décor pieces act as the crowd and kill the beauty of the shelf.

You should never add too many decorative pieces because then they start to overshadow each other and eyes are unable to find the focal point to focus on.

negative space on shelf
Source: Canva

Stand Back and Edit

After you think that you have placed all your creative shelf designs for home pieces at their designated place, step back and see. You should see and focus on whether you are missing something or anything that is calling out at you.

A little inspection from a distance clarifies the look you are going for. You can edit the décor according to the look that is coming out.

Use Negative Space

Negative spaces when utilized properly lead to the creation of masterpieces. You can accommodate this in your creative shelf design for home idea book. Most of the time we are so busy filling the spaces that we ignore the beauty of a balanced and minimalistic approach.

different shelf design
Source: Canva

Overcrowd using Books

It is bad to overcrowd, but when it comes to books, there is never enough. So if you want an overflowing shelf, use books to make it overflow. Books are a natural fit for your shelves and will fit seamlessly.

book shelf 2
Source: Pexels

Using decorative bookends in creative shelf design for home

You can use beautiful and ornamental bookends to create an attractive source of ornament. Bookends are supportive attachments that help books to stay straight on the bookshelves. They act as a decorative pieces of their own.

Source: Canva

Create Symmetry

You can place two or more bookshelves to create symmetry in the living space. If you don't have two bookshelves, you can use décor pieces to create symmetry in the shelf's décor.

small shelf design
Source: Canva

So these are some creative shelf design for home. You can use these tips and ideas to add a flare to your shelves. We hope that we have helped you. Comment down your favorite shelf décor tip.

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