Why wall art matters most in interior design?

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Wall Art Décor – An Important Point of Discussion in Your Design Plan.

Wall art décor is a very wide concept which can include the murals on canvases that are used to decorate the wall or murals drawn directly on the wall. They are not limited to just wall paintings but range from canvases to framed prints and other artistic embellishments to hang on a wall. It is an important part of interior design.

It is a very personal choice, the picture you would hang up in your space, so make sure that it matches your style. It is something that you are going to view every time you are in that space, so make sure to make it soothing and comfortable.


Importance of Wall Art Décor in Interior Designing:

  1. Representation of personality or personal taste in the space.
  2. Acts as an attractive Decorative piece.
  3. Completes and compliments the setup.
  4. Acts as the focal point of the space.
  5. Shows your creativity and sets you apart.
  6. Compliments other pieces of decoration and other elements of interior design.
  7. You can use it as a color palette on wall.


1. Representation of personality or personal taste in the space.

Every person has a unique personality and taste. The wall art décor can act as a display of their inner personality and taste. Even though the wall art on display is not made by the person itself, it acts as a source of their artistic expression. A person with minimalist taste would opt for minimal design whereas one with chaos within their mind would go for a splash of colors or patterns. It is not a sure indication of personality but if you ever visit someone’s space next time, make sure to observe the wall arts.

photo frames on wooden wallpaper

Source: Pexels

2. Acts as an attractive Decorative piece.

Wall art décors are not restricted to paints on canvas. In the modern-day world, art has transcended the realm of canvas and has turned to digital and multimedia mediums as well. Wall paintings, wall hangings, tapestry, mirrors, murals, bookshelves, digital screens, hanging flower vases, artistic calendars and much more can be used as wall art. You can mix and match them up to create a combination that is suited to your choice.

wall art painting

Source: pexel

3. Completes and compliments the setup.

Wall art décors add the feel of completion to a space. Any home feels a bit bare until and unless some element of personal life is introduced in the space. The wall arts are a perfect place for being personal with the space without actually putting too much effort and thought behind it. You can use some photo frames or artworks made by you or your child to decorate the space. They will complement the space decoration and can be used for setting up the lighting plans too. 

4. Acts as the focal point of the space.

Whenever you enter a space, our eyes search for a spot to begin the inspection of the space. That is considered the focal point of the space or room. Placing a wall art décor that attracts attention can be an act of defining the focal point of the space. Most of the time, the decorative pieces grab the attention of the space. The wall art décor can be used by you as the focal point of the space. You can use wall paintings, large canvases with abstract art, multimedia art, decorative lights, etc. as your wall art décor for this purpose.

5. Shows your creativity and sets you apart.

As we have discussed above, everyone has a unique personality and style. The choice of wall art décors can be an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity. You can use something unconventional or out of the box to make it creative. Instead of adding the paintings of some esteemed artist, you might go for a tad bit of personal choice by framing the drawings of your toddlers from the art classes; turning them into something that would encourage them and add uniqueness to your wall. You can also use some weeds and frame them or maybe use an antique and large clock as your wall art décor.

mirror decor in living room

Source: Internet

6. Compliments other pieces of decoration and other elements of interior design.

Wall art décor might seem like a centerpiece in itself but apart from being the focal point of the space, it can also be used to compliment other elements of décor and interior designing. Lighting in interior design can be complemented and incorporated in the decoration by using wall art. If one part of the room is feeling crowded, you can balance it by using wall art on the opposite corner of the room. Wall arts can also add a sense of completion to the decoration when even after other elements of interior décor have been finalized and the scene looks bare.

map wall paper

Source: Pexel

7. Use it as a color palette for your walls.

Choosing colors can be an exciting prospect at first, but after watching the designers pull out booklets after booklets with color options it might turn into a haunting dream. If you don’t want to face this feeling, you can use the wall art décor as the main element and decide the color palette around it. You can choose one palette or multiple palettes according to the wall art, it is up to you. You can use either complimenting colors to go with the wall art or make a risky choice of incorporating contrasting colors.


What should you keep in mind while planning wall arts? (Some ideas for wall art décor)

You should keep these points in mind while planning for decorating your wall with wall art.

1. Be aware of the size of the space and use art that compliments it.

While choosing your wall art, you must keep in mind the wall space available for decoration. If you opt for huge wall art in a small space, it might make the space look cramped and destroy the beauty of that space. Similarly, for huge spaces, large wall arts or multiple pieces of the wall art are more suitable.

Also, be aware of the furniture or other things that you might need around your art. You must keep the size of the wall art such that there shouldn’t be any difficulty in setting up other elements around it. You wouldn’t want the artwork hidden behind the shadows of a lamp or behind the sofa set.

decor and family

Source: Pexel

2. Mix and match wall arts of multiple mediums.

You might not be aware of the options available around the world for wall arts. Before deciding your whole wall art décor on a single type of wall art, explore the options and then choose. If you are not sure about using just one kind of art, there is always an option of mixing them. While it might seem like an easy solution, it is not that easy. You must keep in mind what kind of art compliments what so that the wall doesn’t look like a chaotic mess.

3. Graffiti in home, why not?

If you are not sure about the art pieces, then you can always hire someone to paint murals or graffiti art on your wall. You just need to define the space which you want to dedicate to the mural of graffiti so that it complements the whole setup of the space.

4. Keep your taste in mind.

You shouldn’t incorporate wall art in your décor just because someone recommends it. Instead, you should look at the art and understand whether or not you want it in your vicinity. You should trust your instincts about art while choosing a piece.

shelves on wall

Source: Pexel

5. Negative spaces are important too.

Even though wall art décor adds finishing touches to a space, you must keep some negative space on your wall. There is no need to fill it with several pieces of art unnecessarily. Sometimes, negative spaces and empty spaces can be artistic too.

Source: Pexel

6. Place the wall art in visibility range.

This goes without saying that you want your decoration wall art pieces to be seen by the guests. So you must keep them at places where they are easily visible. You should not place in corners with inappropriate lighting or higher than the visibility range. The best setting is to make the wall art décor the focal point of your space.


7. What are some things that you can use as wall art?

  • Large or small paintings
  • Multiple pieces combined as gallery
  • Mirrors with adornment
  • Graffiti or murals on walls
  • Tapestry
  • Shelves with books or other decorative items
  • Designer wall mounted lamps
  • Decorative plant pots and hangings
  • Macramé wall hangings
  • Artistic or oversized calendars
  • Maps
  • Television
  • Designer clocks
  • Wall art stickers or adhesive art
  • Art pieces hanged or wall mounted


So these are some ideas that you can use as wall art décors. Wall art décors are very important in interior design. They form a huge part of interior décor and most of the time is the starting point of the design plans. The importance of wall art can be ascertained from the fact that they are one of the major focal points in space. Thus, you should always keep in mind the wall art according to the requirement of your space while planning the interior design of a space. We hope this was helpful for your design session. Have fun while choosing your next wall art. If you want experts to choose décor pieces perfect for your walls; consider hiring best interior designer in Pune- Design Evolution Lab. Go to our contact page and book consultation now. 


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