15 interesting master bedroom false ceiling design ideas for your home.

False ceiling is very basic to our homes yet we all tend to overlook it. Ceiling forms the most important part of a home and yet when it comes to its décor, we are left clueless. This is where the false ceiling comes into the scene.

You must keep your master bedroom cozy and comfortable on eyes, and these master bedroom false ceiling design ideas will leave you baffled and mesmerized. The best part is that they all are pretty affordable and can be added it the ceiling even while renovating a house. No need to wish for a new house just to try these ideas.

False ceiling grid system detail drawing:

gypsum board ceiling detail
Source: Pinterest


Before we all go into all these gorgeous master bedroom false ceiling designs, let’s see what does a false ceiling stands for. A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main ceiling. It is also known as dropped ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop-in ceiling, and much more.

Similar to the huge variety of names available for false ceiling designs; we will see interesting false ceiling master bedroom design ideas in this post.

Why should you implement master bedroom false ceiling design ideas?

If you are wondering about the feasibility of the false ceiling design ideas recommended in this post, and then have a look at these advantages before you venture into details and ideas. The master bedroom false ceiling design is not just for decorative purposes, it serves both decorative and functional purposes.

Advantages of having master bedroom false ceiling design:

  1. They make the room soundproof when done with proper material. So if you want a soundproof room, you can implement a false ceiling design.
  2. They conceal the wiring mess that crosses the home and is a hindrance to the decoration of the house. Thus making your room more personal and less technical.
  3. Some of the well-planned master bedroom false ceiling designs help in regulating the air and light focus in the room. Thus providing the residents with fresh and circulatory air and light.
  4. When implemented within a proper plan, they can be energy efficient too by spreading the air properly and scattering the lights throughout the room. Thus reducing the need to add more light or fans.
  5. And above all, they are blank sheets waiting for your inner creativity to show your personality through the décor you implement on the ceilings.

ceiling design
Source: Canva


So, without further ado, let’s dive into these gorgeous master bedroom false ceiling design ideas that you can readily implement in your future ceiling décor planning.


Types of false ceiling designs could be used in a home.

  1. Tin Ceiling as False Ceiling – Metallic Vibes to your Space

Tin metals are something that is generally not on the top of your decorative list. It is a lightweight metal that doesn’t require much maintenance. You can use tin metal as the material for your false ceiling.

You can either cover the whole ceiling with customized tin metal layers or cover a particular portion and leave the rest for the ceiling wall to peep from. It will give your room a dramatic and moody feel. Apart from this, it will remind you of the 1950s era and give your room a classic and vintage vibe with a minimalistic touch.

With proper lighting to set the ambiance to warm, the room will become a perfect place to relax and unwind from the fluorescent lighting of the offices.

vintage graphics
Source: Pexels

Generally, tin metals are light weighted, low maintenance, and last very long. You won’t need regular maintenance for them and can boast for decades. You can customize them and use the pattern, finish, or frame you want.

Also, you can choose the paint and vibe you want from these tin metal sheets. Not only the characteristic rustic color but they can also be coated with a layer of some light pastel colors or another vintage color to add a personal touch to your room.

  1. Crown Moldings as your Master Bedroom False Ceiling Design – Classic Feel

Old and quaint homes have allured people from all eras. Palaces, castles, and forts have a charm in their architect that has all of us going gaga over their interiors. One such feature of those quaint places is the crown design in their ceilings and window sills and arches.

They attract the eyes without any effort or special focus towards them. If you are wondering how to add up that charm to master bedroom ceiling design of your room, worry not, it is possible; that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

decorative cornice in ceiling
Source: Canva

Nowadays, you can use fake attachable molds as your master bedroom false ceiling design and it will add the same timeless charm of the vintage halls and palaces. These molds are easy to buy and customize and use easily moldable materials such as plaster of Paris or PVC. This makes them easily replicable and fits them in budget too.

Apart from this, you can also add color to your crown moldings. Light and pastel colors would be a suitable choice if you want to stick to the traditional look and yet add some personal touch. You can also use dark colors and pair them with light walls, the contrast will do its wonder. You should use these crown molds on your ceiling in the shape you feel best.

  1. Vaulted False Ceilings – Countryside Touch to your Bedroom

The vaults in your ceilings will make them look higher and larger than they are, giving a sense of grandeur and majesty to your room. This might be a choice for your master bedroom false ceiling if you prefer royal vibes. The slopes from both sides forming a peak give an illusion of the largeness of the room.

You can use a modern color palette to achieve a sophisticated and moody look with a modern touch. They are considered a bold choice and add a countryside appeal to your home. If you want to think of an English countryside cottage with the touch of vintage and rustic vibes, then this is a must-have design for your taste.

  1. Wood Accented Ceilings – Always in Fashion

Wood has always remained a classic material. You can use this in further addition of charm t your master bedroom false ceiling design too. The wood-paneled ceiling adds a strange charm to your room. You can also add the exposed beam design to it, to give it the complete look of a vintage cottage.

It will remind you of the forest and nature which automatically soothes the human mind. With no other hangings on the ceilings, it will be a minimalistic approach to false ceiling design. It will give out a warm vibe with rustic charm.  It will be like staying in a mountainside lodge with its warm vibes.

You can use a light-colored ceiling to expose these wooden accents and beams to make them stand out.

wooden master bedroom false ceiling design
Source: Canva

Wooden fixtures nowadays are available in different colors and designs. You can choose one with a charred look to match your wall colors. They are easy to install, remove and redecorate. You can use them to direct the focus of room lighting as well. Proper placement of the logs will provide for a good soundproof room as well.

  1. Extended Panel as your Master Bedroom False Ceiling Design

As the name suggests the extended master bedroom false ceiling design extends the ceiling design to one side of the wall of the room too.  It can be made up of any material but mostly is upholstery that extends from the ceiling into the wall and continues downwards.

The color and the material used depend upon the user and remain the same for the ceiling as well as the extended wall portion. Generally, the breadth of the extended portion is as wide as the master bed to add to the charm of the room.

It gives the room a very rich and luxurious vibe. The upholstered design makes the room cozy and the extended design adds to the grandeur of the room. Adding some parallel lights to the sides of the upholstered false ceiling will act like a highlighted decoration. The added décor to one side reduces the need for any other décor piece in the room as the attention goes to that wall automatically.

  1. Skylights on sloped ceilings – Sky is the Limit!

The rooms with sloped ceilings have comparatively less space. To reduce the cramped feel and increase the light transmission through the room, you can install skylights on the sloped portion of the ceiling. It will provide proper ventilation and light as well as add to the charm of the ceiling.

Skylights are generally used on the downwards slope side of the sloping ceiling.

Sky lights in a bedroom
Source: Pexels

Even if you don’t want a skylight added to your ceiling, you can add soft and diffused lights on the downwards sloping side of the sloping ceiling. It will add to the illumination of the room.

  1. Tray False Ceiling For Your Bedroom - Simple And Elegant

You can add a tray false ceiling to your room. As the name suggests, it looks like a tray. Although it needs not be in the rectangular or square shape, as is the tradition. You can use it in any shape or design. These tray false ceilings give designer vibes to the room.

They make the room feel sleek and stylish without being burdensome to the eyes. Most of the time, it is made up of plaster of Paris, so it is easy to add to your ceiling. You can add lights around them to highlight them and add depth to the ceiling. There is no need for any additional light in your bedroom.

If you want to learn more about lighting in a bedroom you can read this article: Lighting in interior designing on our website and implement.

Tray ceiling premium
Source: Pexels

  1. Mirrors as the False Ceiling - A Bold Statement

This might sound like a weird idea to fit a mirror as your master bedroom false ceiling design but this somehow fits in the greater aspect of time. The modern and mystical look it creates will add a futuristic charm to your bedroom. You need to pair the mirror false ceiling design with the dark and bold color palette.

Accessorize the room to add to the charm of the ceiling and room overall. However, this is a very out-of-the-box and bold choice that is not suited for everyone. If this sounds like your call, give it a try.

Considering master bedroom false ceiling design 2021 trends; mirror ceiling is one of the most liked theme for luxury interiors.

Mirror as ceiling used in living room
Source: internet

  1. Geometric Shaped False Ceilings For Small As Well As Large Bedrooms

In the master bedroom false ceiling design ideas, this is something that would never go out of fashion. A geometric ceiling can be customized to your taste. You can choose squares, rectangles, triangles, pentagons, or a combination of these.

They can be large blocks with lights illuminating their borders or small pieces like a mosaic spread all over the ceiling. They act as a modern piece of art on the ceiling and provide for the proper air circulation as well. The geometric-shaped false ceiling design makes your bedroom stand out as a modern art piece, nothing else is needed. Just lie down, and stare.

A combination of geometric shapes used in contrast can be used to highlight the ceiling. When combined with large and small blocks, it gives out the feeling of huge space. You can also use the mirroring design in geometric shapes to produce the illusion of a large ceiling for small bedrooms.

This can be used in small rooms to reduce the cramp-like feeling and false ceiling lights in it might enhance the luminance of the space.

  1. Themed-Based False Ceiling Space

While choosing the master bedroom false ceiling design for children, take care of the creativity. Children require stimulating and contrasting designs in their bedrooms. There should be a happy and cozy vibe. You can opt for theme-based false ceiling ideas for this.

You can shape the false ceiling in the shape of clouds, stars, moons, ocean waves, or anything else to add to their ceiling. For this, you can use PVC as the material for your false design. It will keep the design sturdy and bright and will fit right into your budget.

Living room with assorted furniture

  1. Gypsum-made false ceiling design

Gypsum is used by many people to design their false ceilings. It provides a smooth texture to the design and doesn’t easily crack away, unlike the cement designs. You can create any kind of design with it and paint it accordingly.

It is easy to install and shape, and gives you a smooth and seamless finish. It also absorbs heat and noise, providing soundproofing to your room.

In a wood-paneled master bedroom false ceiling design, inserting gypsum blocks with intricate designs adds to the charm of the room. It gives a warm and rustic look to the bedroom and calms the mind down. The wooden frames add to the beauty and combine the wooden feel into the modern master bedroom.

sofa contemporary living room
Source: De Lab

  1. Decorative Corners And Borders – Reviving the Victorian Architecture

When you want to keep the design minimal and elegant at the same time, you can choose this master bedroom false ceiling design. The ceiling is left bare in the middle and intricately designed attachments are attached in the borders and the corners.

It gives away Victorian architecture vibes and can charm away the viewer. You can mix this with crown design in the middle of the ceiling and around the light and fan fixtures to turn it into a complete vintage look.

You can have a highly designed corner and boundaries and use plaster of Paris or molds to reduce the cost. These molds and designs can be attached to the ceiling. This design will prevent the crowding of your ceiling space and will provide plenty of breathing space and still decorate your space.

You can extend the design of the ceiling to the top portion of the walls too. Now you are ready for a tea party with the Queen in your bedroom.

luxurious ceiling
Source: Pexels

  1. Suspended ceiling – Luxurious and Modern

If you have a spacious bedroom, then you can design a suspended ceiling to make a false ceiling. Lower the false ceiling in accordance with your room space. Then you can add a chandelier and diffused lights around the lowered false ceiling to add to the charm of the false ceiling.

With the minimalistic color palette of off-whites and warm colors, you can create a luxurious look in your bedroom. You can also add to the charm by combining decorative plaster of Paris covered in shimmers. It will add to your luxurious statement.

If you don’t want a luxurious feel or have limited space in your bedroom, then you can reduce the height of the suspended part. A little suspension will give the ceiling a feel of a floating ceiling. It will make the room look futuristic when paired with cool tone colors and lights.

You should fill the space in between the suspension of the floating ceiling using insulators. It will make the room soundproof. You can attach lights and shape the suspensions as you wish to make the design more personal.

cover for villa interior design
Source: De Lab

  1. Round False Ceiling – Vintage Touch to your Bedroom

For creating a Round False Ceiling, you should use Plaster of Paris or PVC as the base material. They will make the room look like a circular dome-like palace room. It gives the feeling of something new and yet so vintage. You can place a vintage-style fan in between the round design to add to the style.

You can fix lights around it from the inside. The circular cut out in the middle will focus the illumination on the bed and the ceiling. You can also hand chandeliers, other light hangings instead of attaching a fan in the middle.

Round Ceiling Design
Source: Internet

  1. Coffered False Ceiling Designs – Do Your Thing!

You can use indentations and recessions in the ceiling to create the coffered look. The crisscross patterns in the ceiling would create a coffered look and provide an illusion of height. This master bedroom false ceiling design would leave your room with character and attractive patterns.

You can use either plaster of Paris or wood to create false ceiling designs. If you are on a budget, choose Plaster of Paris as wood would be an expensive choice. For colors, you can choose plain white or a combination of monochromatic grey and white. It will make the room look elegant.

But if you want some more colors then you can use the lighter shades of the colors used in the walls of the room. They will also work splendidly. So these were some of the master bedroom false ceiling design ideas for you to ponder about.

coffered ceiling in a bedroom
Source: Pexels

Apart from these singular ideas, you can mix and match two ideas to create your unique look for a master bedroom false ceiling design. You can use multiple small circular mirrors instead of just one big mirror and add them to a suspended false ceiling.

As we know ceiling is an important part of interior design; it is crucial to add decorative fixtures and wall art in a room. It work in favor of improving aesthetics of any space. Read in depth about wall art in our latest blog post; to get inspired.

Or you can suspend chandeliers and plants from your ceilings to create a bohemian look without adding any additional construction. You can go bold with a pop of colors and intense designs on the ceilings or go minimal with only multiple diffused lights fitted in the ceiling. It is completely your choice and your call of action.

Hope you liked this comprehensive guide on ceiling design for bedroom 2021. Keep these pointers in mind when think about renovating your master bedroom or refer this to a professional to draw ideas for your project.

Mix and match or follow the traditional instructions, just do what you want. If you want to get professional help to design ceiling for you contact our interior designers in pune and schedule a call today. You can read reviews before hiring and checkout image gallery under work section.


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