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The living room is an essential space in any home where we spend a considerable amount of our time. It is the central area that sets the tone and mood for the entire house. The decorative items for living room can greatly impact the ambiance and the comfort level of the people who spend time there.

"Living room is where we come to think, to slow down the world for a second" - Jason Winsten George. 

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your living room is inviting and cozy. There are numerous living room decor ideas that can help improve the overall look and feel of your living room. In this article, we will delve into some of the most stunning living room accessories that can be used as decorative items to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living room.


Living room decor ideas using houseplants

Houseplants and Trees are in trend in interior design and living room decor ideas these days. The vibrant green view when entering a space fills up our minds with energy and enthusiasm. Not just the color but the ambiance surrounding the tree feels good to be in. It soothes the mind and invites peace in the surroundings.

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Decorating shelves

Having your personal library is a dream of every reader. If you are a reader then showing off your book collection might be one of the best living room accessories for your living room. You can opt for a floor-to-ceiling shelf built into the wall or add a wooden bookshelf to your living room decor ideas to spice up the conversations.

Apart from books, you can also display small decorative items for the living room on the shelves. Have a CD collection? Stack it up instead of books. It will help to turn your decorative accessory into a functional piece too.

living room decor ideas for shelves
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Using bowls and vases

Decorative Bowls and Vases are used by many interior designers to add elements to your space. You can use these to add a touch of personality to the space. These are one of the widely opted decorative items for living room.

If you want a space to feel flamboyant to the viewers, then you can add bright-colored vases with flowers or plants. You can put bowls of different shapes and varieties on the coffee table or the central table. They can collect artifacts or keys too. It will become a decorative as well as a functional piece.

The quirkiness of the bowl shapes depends upon your want to express your art in your drawing room decoration.

If you want a modern space, you can opt for sleek and minimalistic vases and bowls for your space. Instead of multiple small pieces, you can choose one big bowl with pebbles and one long vase in any of the corners of the room. You can also opt for an amber-blown glass vase to decorate your space.

It will add coziness with minimalistic efforts.

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Elevate ambience using candles

If you feel that the living room requires some coziness, you can always depend on candles. Candles not only create a cozy ambiance but also soothe the mind with the warmth and soothing smell. Soft-scented candles can work miracles in transforming the mood of the space immediately.

Choose the scents that appease your senses and avoid harsh scents.

living room decor ideas for candles
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However, you should always be careful about the placement of the candles. These luxurious little decor accessories can be hazardous when left unchecked. So make sure to snuff them out at night for carefree sleep.

 Creative use of mirrors

The decorative mirrors are a good option to increase the spatial view of the room as well as increase the light in the space. If the frame is beautifully decorated, these mirrors act aesthetic as well as functional roles in your living room. You can also place decorative mirrors on the racks or shelves in the living room. It gives a relaxed look to your space.

living room decor ideas for mirrors
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Playing with colors

The best method to give a turnaround to a space is the use of colors and paint. You can always play with colors to bring out the best of your space. The classic black and white combination will never disappoint your sleek modern look.

Use a black-and-white theme for your room and go with graphic art filled with geometric shapes. It will give an out-of-vogue feel to your space.

living room decor ideas for colors
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If you want to experiment with the basics, go out on all whites. Paint it all white and use the shades of off-white and pearl white to decorate the space. Minimal colors and dull tones added to the white walls will give a sense of serenity and peace. In that white-themed room, you can add one piece of furniture in bright color.

It will give it a splash of color and balance it all out to suit your tastes.

Apart from the basic black and white, you can always choose dark and rich colors to paint your space. Rich colors combined with a few woody pieces of decorative items will add character to your living room decor. It can also become an artistic space in your home.

If plain walls are too simple for your taste, choose patterns as wallpapers to liven up your space. Patterns, not only on the walls, but you can opt for patterns on furniture as well to create a lively space full of elements.

Rugs, Sofas, Wallpapers, and even art pieces, you can choose patterns wherever you like.

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Statement rugs

Carpeting and rugs play a huge role in the drawing room decoration. Placing a colorful rug in a monochrome or black-and-white theme house can add character to the space. You can also use soft comfortable rugs for sitting.

Thus, you can remove the sofa and sitting types of furniture altogether to make your living room decor cozy and inviting for everyone.

You can also experiment with bold colors and patterns in your statement rugs or carpets and see what works for your space.

living room decor ideas for rugs
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Living room decor ideas for cozy curtains

You can use curtains as decorative pieces for drawing room decoration. Use sheer curtains from panels to the floor to decorate the space as well as retain the light from natural sources. You can also use bright-colored curtains or patterned curtains in your living room decor ideas.

living room decor ideas for curtains
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 Living room decor ideas for coffee tables

Coffee Tables and central tables can easily grab the attention of the viewers. You can experiment with different designs to beautify the space. The classic wooden coffee table never runs out of fashion but you can experiment with different materials as well.

You can add a metallic finish to your coffee table or central table to increase the interest of the viewers. Also, you can use glass table tops for the central table paired with metallic legs.

living room decor ideas for centre tables
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You can also add drawers or sliders to your coffee tables to make them functional and save you the same space. Putting books on coffee tables provides an opportunity to skim through magazines or a few pages of your current read while lounging in your living room.

In the era of quick scrolls, these books on coffee tables might provide a respite from social media. This in turn will make your living room a more enjoyable experience for you and your family.

Also, the brightly colored and always changing books and magazines on your coffee table will continue to invite the eyes of your guests.

Decorative trays

On your central tables, you can add decorative trays where you can put candles, magazines, or other decorative items. The tray can act as a coffee table in small spaces where only central tables can be accommodated.

It helps to add decorative items to your living room without creating any clutter and limiting the decorative space on the table. You can choose from a variety of designs like simple classic wooden trays or modern, sleek, geometric trays.

living room decor ideas for decorative trays
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Living room decor ideas for your walls

The simplest way to add aesthetics to your home is through wall art. You can opt for a huge single piece of wall art to grab the attention in the room or you can use a grid of wall art of various mediums to achieve drama in your space.

You can also turn your family portraits and photographs into wall art by using decorative frames and layouts. On the other hand, you can always go for something unique as wall art.

You can hang woven baskets, tapestries, decorative large clocks, etc., and use them as your wall art to decorate your living room.

These are some of the living room decor ideas that can be implemented easily in your interior design ideas and help you add aesthetics to your living room accessories. You can try mixing and matching these living room decor ideas so that you can create a living room suitable to your taste and personality as well as that fulfills your requirements.

Always keep in mind the functionality as well as maintenance of the living room accessories before buying them, every space has its own charm and what suits one might not suit the other.

We hope you enjoyed our article on living room decor ideas to enhance its aesthetics. Keep reading to find other similar ideas below.


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