10 tips console table guide. How easy it is to decorate one?

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Console table, or their other name sofa table, is one of the most versatile furniture you could ever have in your living area. Use them as storage, or a stage to hold your decorations, or even a food cart during your brunch or dinner parties. Comes in different shapes and sizes, they’re capable of making your living area look exquisite all the time.

There are also many reasons why it’s a must to have console tables in every household, and I’ve got just the perfect ways to fully utilize console tables in your home décor.

Let’s find out the reasons to love (and must have) console table in your households.

1. Console table is Compact and tidy

You shouldn’t mistake a console for a dining table, as they’re two different concepts. Consoles  are commonly narrower in size and have limited storage functions. They’re suitable to keep or hide keys or mobile phones that are lying around on the floor, or other stuff that you least need at the time.

Their compact and multi-functional designs could save you big time in terms of housekeeping, while also keeping your living room looking extravagant.

2. Versatility

The versatility of consoles is also one of the main reasons why you should love them. Their different shapes and sizes are used to decorate hallways, living rooms, and passageways to keep the house alive at all times.

Depending on the style of your house – traditional or contemporary, console units could be designed according to the concept that you have in mind. Being the cozy stage to your vase of seasonal flowers or the elegant dinner cart that lives up the mood in the evening, consoles could hold it all!

3. Prime focus

Console units are the perfect fit to fill the void of your bare and unloved spaces. Whether you choose to come up with an ornate table with a mirror on top to create a frame and a cohesive look, or an oak wood console with a vase of flowers on top, you could make your statement using a console table.

Console units make a great focal point to your living area with their simple yet elegant designs and could become the center of attention when the guests come by! They make a great conversation starter too!

4. Narrow spaces savior

A bare and boring space could take a toll on your mood for the day. Or perhaps, you’re good to go with your current space, but you then realize something is missing in there. Or, you wanted to decorate your narrow spaces but don’t know how to go by. Well, that’s when the console tables come into the scene.

Console tables make a great decoration for your hallways or passageways, capable of making the grim and depressing spaces come to life. They could save you big time too when you decide to take a tour of your house for property previewing, potentially increasing the value of your asset.

Console units are perfect to be used as décor, especially in narrow spaces. There are an endless number of ways you could use them to lighten up the mood of your living area. From traditional to modern contemporary concepts, the console tables are capable of blending in with the surrounding.

It could also be transformed into a piece of completely different furniture, taking your creativity to the next level. Below are several ideas on how you could use console units in your living spaces.

1. Flowers and arts

If you’re a fan of flowers, art and have plenty to show off to your guests during their seasons, console units are the perfect stage to put them on display. I’d recommend showing off colorful flowers on top of your table, alongside a floral painting as the background that reflects the actual flora.

It’s the ultimate way to bring art to life. To make it even better, choose a console table that is classic wood-based. The contrast between the element of colors will surely bring attention to that corner of your space.

chest of drawers green

Source: Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

2. Customize your console table

Perhaps you’d want to change how your console table looks like. Or, perhaps the color of your console doesn’t blend in with the rest of the concept that you’re trying to adapt. Whatever the reason is, you could always customize your console unit to however look you like by draping it over a fabric that matches your other furniture.

Or, you could also apply a plain-colored wallpaper sticker over your table to make it sync with your designs as well as cover up its original color.

3. Two-tiered console table

A double-tiered console unit gives extra perks of more storage space to hold your decorations together. Small pot flowers like cactus are perfect to be displayed on a double-tiered console table, along with a circular mirror hanging over to pop up the scenery even more.

The bottom compartment can be used to store empty vases or baskets to store your additional coffee table books.

4. Create more space

Another great way to create more space with your console table is by inserting a stool underneath it. It gives more room to put your books if you don’t have a double-tiered console. It also gives off an aesthetic and sophisticated view of the area, leaving people mesmerized by the creativity that you have poured out to make your space look exquisite.

5. console table as minimal as possible.

Perhaps you’re not a fan of keeping too many things at home. You’d rather live as a minimalist than someone who shows off everything on their shelves. Well, with a console unit, it is far easier to become a minimalist in your décor.

To keep your console as minimal as possible, keep a maximum of three items on display and choose a dark-colored table. Bright-colored display items will provide contrast and would pop more than you think.

entrance shelf

Source: Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

6. Transform it into a desk

This is probably something that home office workers would love to do with their console tables. Instead of using it as a décor display, you could use it as your workspace at home. Or, even better, turn it into a vanity space where you can get ready for work in style.

It’s up to your creativity on what items you would like to keep on your console-transformed-desk, but always save some extra space for your movement.

chair and desk

Source: Hanling on Unsplash

7. Be practical about console table

A practical console table would give the extra benefit of storage other than a vibrant look to the living entry. In this case, you should choose a slim dresser and transform it into a console table while hiding away unsightly necessary items in view.

The drawers would become the main key to the tidiness and practicality of your newly dresser-transformed console.  On top of it, you could display decorations such as flowers or vases, or table lamps to keep it in disguise.

8. Console bench

Yep, you heard it right. Perhaps you don’t have a proper console table or couldn’t afford one, you could opt to use a bench in place of the actual table. Choose a bench that is low-to-the-ground, and has a wide surface area to accommodate your display items.

Placing a vase of flowers on one end and a table lamp on the other would give out a rustic vibe to your console. The painting or a large-sized square-framed picture leaning to the wall in the background would also give off an effortless elegance to your living area.

9. Bar cart console

A console table is a versatile piece of furniture that anyone could have. The proof is, you could transform almost any other furniture to mimic the console unit. Because of their narrow surface area, console tables are also perfect to be used as your food cart during home entertaining.

You could put your glassware and your best beverages on them and have them conveniently cater to your guests. It also serves as an extra storage compartment for additional foods that could not be fit on the dining table.

10. Balance your console table

This is one thing that most people are easily failing at when it comes to decorating a console table. Balancing a console unit starts with the proper choice of item sizes. Try balancing your console table by putting one tall vase with orchid flowers on one side and another smaller sculpture on the other.

Console tables are absolute love for designers. They are not only versatile but could also be used for various occasions. They’re often the center of attention to every home entertaining event due to their unique designs and the ambiance that they give off to the surrounding.

Homeowners could also showcase creativity through their choices of colors and console unit designs to impress their guests. And I guess console tables are going to be around much longer, with much more unique and practical designs to be introduced in the future.

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