Kids bedroom interior design ideas.

A kids bedroom is a place where they spend most of their time playing, sleeping, learning and “growing”. Their minds are boundless, therefore we need to ensure that their personal space is designed to help them grow. It requires lot of imagination and versatility to design a kids bedroom, because your child’s taste keeps changing almost every month. 

So, how can you give a safe, healthy, conducive kids bedroom to your child; which is playful and functional at the same time? 

1. Choosing right kids bedroom color.

Kids usually get attracted to bright colors. Each color has potential to entice an emotion among them. For example red is bright, it could be too excitable whereas pink provides warm, relaxing environment. Similarly yellow and orange exude motivation and energy. Tones of blue bring serenity and creativity, so you can use these as you like in a room. Don't obsess over matching everything; just use light tints of your kids favorite colors.

2. Planning the perfect layout.

While planning furniture layout; dedicate play area for kids so that they have particular space to create a mess. With kids there is always need for more storage; so plan for built-ins or cubbies wherever possible. Create hobby nook; this could be a creative platform where kids can color, craft and play. Consider including study table early; it will help them inciting habit of drawing, reading on the table. When they grow up they will use it for home-work and school stuff.

While planning layout of kids bedroom always assign places for everything; so that it will be easy for you to maintain. A messy room can overstimulate child’s brain; making it difficult for relaxing. You definitely don’t want that.

3. Making it cozy.

Natural sunlight makes the space cheerful and happier. Make sure there is ample light to create a soft ambience to the room. Its important to avoid direct sunlight exposer; you can adjust penetration by using sunblock blinds. Kids love to cuddle in soft spaces; pile up soft toys, pillows, comforters and rugs to create snuggly area for your kid.

4. Hiring an Interior Designer for help.

Off course you can mix and match and do it yourself up to certain level. But if you are looking for sophisticated yet playful, detailed kids bedroom design consider hiring a professional. Professional interior designer can undoubtedly help you achieve desired look for your kids bedroom. Interior design in Pune need not be heavy on your pockets. Explore our image gallery to see something that suits you. There’s option for every budget, so guidance from expert interior designer in Pune could save you time and money in the long run. You can go to our contact page if you want to get interior design advise from us. To view our latest Instagram post visit our Instagram profile

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