Contemporary Living Room Interior Design ideas for your home.

A contemporary living room has a lot of design ideas that you can fall in love any time. And that ranges from its placate colors, spotless line, and even surfaces. Indeed, it deserves a touch sometimes since that is where you and your family spend most of your moments.  

Finding a better interior design idea for your living room could be daunting. By searching online, you can feed your innovations for inspiration on the diverse available types. And there are lots of them to help you completely redesign your contemporary home if you feel it is not comfortable or stylish enough. 

A classic design, contemporary embellishment takes a lenient approach to give you comfort at its peak. But, many individuals lack the idea of how to design their living room. As such, we decided to lend a hand by assembling practical tips and points to help you design and decorate your perfect living room. 

How to design contemporary living room?

Most of the interior design ideas in this article are perfect for the house and apartment living room. A small and cramped apartment could be hard to create an appealing and effective living space. You will find some interior living room design ideas here that offer possible real-life inspiration while creating your contemporary home. 

One important thing about interior designs is that you can change them anytime you get tired of them. And that could be by changing the color pattern, switching a couple of furniture, or introducing new and captivating features. Indeed, you can change your living room interior design utterly into something more modern and gratifying. 

For those who do not understand what a contemporary style means, let us broaden your knowledge small.


Meaning of Contemporary Design?

Usually mistaken for the present and mid-century state-of –the-art design, contemporary style envelops appearances established in the latter half of the 20th century and above. The contemporary design features glossy, silky lines, and if you look closely, you will see that it is different from modern design. Even though the two styles look a bit similar, contemporary is a more enlightened and comfy aesthetic than the present design. 

Further, contemporary style is a liquefied design coupled with creativity and change and impact from diverse cultures and styles. Its furniture features circular and softened lines, while the present furniture often centers on crisp lines and pointed angles. 

With its beautiful interior that uses unbiased elements in combination with eye-catching color, it centers on the fundamentals of configuration, form, and line. Contemporary styles have vigorous and bold looks that shove borders and play with illumination. That is why interior designers globally commend its potential to separate from conventional décor with grace. 

Here you will find some practical contemporary living room design ideas for your Pune home. From colors, furniture, designs, and possible ways to arrange each item brilliantly, we've got you covered. What can you compare to a good atmospheric place with pleasurable music, relaxed and warm space where you can recover your strength at the end of a hectic day.  

If you desire to give your living room a contemporary look, continue reading to get started.


Fundamental Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

Favor serene colors

People believe that contemporary décor depends mainly on white, but that is not true. Several modern palettes concentrate on bland colors and feasible neutrals such as black, white, grey, cream, brown, and taupe, underlined by a shining color to set the rooms optic temperature and humor. 

For instance, you can try a tan, grey, and white living room with blue accent walls to separate the white walls. Add a visible area carpet or a piece of blue wall art to complement the look. 

Be confident with your color choices, and don’t be timid with the disparity, which is a principal element of the style. For example, you will find out that black and white is a strong combination that frequently appears in most contemporary homes. Also, bold colors with gripping discrepancy or a homologous approach are perfect for a living room too. 

Try Natural textiles 

Cotton, silk, linen, and wool are examples of natural textile materials that can fit into contemporary spaces. People prefer them because of their finishing and neutral tones. It would be nice to introduce eye-catching patterns or bold colors to the living space with a blanket, area rug, or throw pillows. 

Opt for eye-catching lighting

Lighting is vital in any interior design project, both from the elegance and power viewpoint. Thus, you have to ensure an optimal level of convenience and clarity without compromising quality or design. You can go for lighting solutions with increased technical achievement like chandeliers, floor lamps, recessed, hanging, and wall lamps. 

Produced with materials associated with the contemporary style canons like metal, glass, copper, or crystal. 

However, letting the light in may not be enough for your interior design. So, take a close look at the sources and place them in a way that will direct them to the necessary areas. Instead of using three lamps, one powerful and single one makes it time-saving and budget-friendly.

Another choice that could be best for your living room is to purchase adaptive lamps with a controlled and adjusted intensity. Luckily, you can buy these contemporary style living room designs in all shapes and colors, often as a stylish table setting like textured canvas lights, twistable lampshades, or small stainless panels. 

No matter how your interior accessories may look like, your windows and skylights are the ones to provide you with the best lights so far. Thus, you can go for the receptivity of your living room if you have enough space and enough budget.  

To a greater extent, light determines the way people feel while relaxing in a living room. Also, it inspires warmth and comfort or changes the room's serenity, including its coldness. And that makes it a crucial part of your living room interior. 

Bear in mind that the way you place your lights could be more relevant than reasoning how to decorate the space itself. That is because it can add or subtract importance from other elements or show the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your family and guests. 

Carpeted, Tiled, or Wooden Floors for contemporary living room.

For a contemporary living room floor to become contemporary, it must pass a sense of frivolity and total purity. To get the best interior design, you can opt for any of the following:

  1. Wooden flooring
  2. Carpeted flooring, but if you don’t like this option, you can let the floors be plain and add a few decorative rugs at the appropriate places.
  3. Tiles, ideally ivory or white

Bear in mind that the grace of your contemporary living room depends on your built floors. Besides your color schemes, neutrality also counts for your flooring. Likewise, the walls, keep the grounds solid and neutral by letting other crucial elements like decorations, art, or furniture get attention first. 

If you want to use carpet on your living room floor, ensure they are equally soft and unobtrusive with a similar palette painting color. 

Add glossy furniture in your contemporary living room.

Your furniture should feature clean tiles and even surfaces if you want to give your living room a contemporary style. Adornments and carvings are sidelined often, and silhouettes are slender but hardly fussy. 

Most of this furniture comes from clear and opaque glass, light woods such as maple and birch, and metals like chrome, stainless steel, and nickel. 

Another better contemporary interior choice is a marble. An even and secure piece of furniture with a marble finish can match a modern living room. But try and be careful as too many shapes and finishes can create a confused look. Thus, it’s better to choose a theme with shades that you can use throughout the entire living room. 

Note that your furniture must be the look of a factual alluring and modern style statement. Thus, it is better to opt for furniture and seating with the necessary clean shapes. Try and be drawn by your artistic taste and choose the one that best suits your desires and lifestyle. 

Go for a graphic collection, chilled out by soft lines and arched intervals, and adorned by adored blonde finish shiny metal inserts. Or, try an eye-catching and more refined furniture collection, in which a disparity in surfaces can make it even more fanciful. 

Finally, to create a remarkable interior, choose chaise longue and footstools, armchairs, and sofas cushioned with premium-quality material with diverse textures, relishing a colored decoration in line with a modern interior. 

Remember to add arcade timbre pillows with peculiar materials, designs, and daring colors according to your preference. Besides enabling you to decorate the visible facets of the entire piece down to the last detail, it will also add a greater feeling of convenience to your contemporary living room by complementing fine textures. 

Complement it with varied lines

If you need a contemporary home, know that varied lines are compulsory. A mixture of neat lines with soft loops is what will make the design to become aesthetically appealing. 

For instance, you could go for an ottoman set with a couch with salient soft lines and include an angular amulet light that draws attention with a brittle, upright profile. For a burst of visible intrigue, add a graphic carpet and floor-to-ceiling ruffle fold blinds. 

You can find bold and stylish perpendicular and parallel lines in architectural attributes, artworks, high ceilings, sculptures with symmetrical forms, and broad window profiles without any design. 

The free spots on the walls, floor, and in-between the furnishing segments have their interest in a contemporary living room. Above all, it makes the place cleaner, and chilly with every specific furniture detail or piece standing out 

Accent with metals and other different materials

There is good news for anyone that fancies metallic accents. Metals such as silver or brass can complement a living room and give it a contemporary style. Antique-inspired coffee tables, floor lamps, table lamps, and more can add character to your living room space.  

Think of furniture embellished with broad metallic centers, a gold lined accent wall, or reflected tables with metal borders.

It would be nice to complement your living room by combining various materials to give it a unique look. Contemporary interior designs offer preference to plastic and wood, in addition to genuine grain finishes 

Shiny metals such as stainless steel are predominant decoration ideas if you combine them with less obvious components. For instance, you can combine them with glass, light wood pieces, or eye-catchy accessories/designs. 

Undoubtedly, technology is imperative for contemporary living room.

Beyond being effective, technology is also contemporary. Thus, the way and how you incorporate it speaks more than your brand choices. Also, it adds grace to your modern design that you cannot possibly get from a different approach. 

Contemporary living room styles are reliant on flat-screen TVs and their designs, computers, and gaming devices. But, ensure you get the ones that are sharp enough to match your contemporary decorative results. 

Fine and Matching Wall Arts

Wall decorations can add beauty and style to your living room décor. But, you must know how to apply it or hire an expert in Pune to help you perform it perfectly. You can hang any poster of your choice or different home pictures, stick thematic wallpapers, draw or write anything that customizes your space. 

You can go for modern polished or matte black metal frames or natural wood for your wall decorations. That is because they will be ideal for your prints and paintings. 

Also, you can paint a specific side of the wall with vibrant colors or use some engrossing patterns to cover some sides. Note that the type of wallpaper you choose can leave an indelible mark in your sitting room. 

Get a fireplace if there is a need.

If you reside in a cold or snowy area, a fireplace is of great importance to help keep you warm. Besides, it can also work for people who are residing in the hottest part of the planet. Here is why! Nothing is as powerful as the solace, warmth, and the unavoidable desire to return home after a long day. 

After all, it may not even be a real fireplace. It could be an ancient ditch in the wall encompassed by abraded bricks and nature-inspired designs. As a result, you may get a gorgeous and interior design to create your contemporary home. 

Comfortability is key while designing contemporary living room.

Think of a living room with too many elements that occupy the entire place. How will the interior look like when you take a glance? Would it be nice to incorporate every item without creating enough space for fresh air? You need to reduce the number of elements, bold applications, and details so that the living room will not choke your guests and make them feel irritating and devastating. 

Try and opt for many windows as possible to enable the sun to penetrate inside. Also, ensure that light disperses throughout all corners of the living room. Let the elements remain sharp and the walls non-aligned to give you the innovation and the style you desire for your living room designs. 

No matter how small or large your living room is, you have to design it in a manner that is comfortable and appealing as possible. That way, you will get a unique interior design for your living room. 

Whether you want a contemporary or conventional living room, the outcome must be the same because that is where you will be spending most of your time.  

The treasured frills of contemporary designers

funky candle, porcelain vase, or adorable plant are never old-fashioned. Also, they support the frugal logic of your design, especially if it is a small living room. Spread them across the designated segments of the room and ensure they match the rest of the components. 

Choose the focus of your contemporary living room

Every room in your home, including your living room, needs a central element in which you can arrange every other item inside. Plus, it is an item that gets the most attention by generating a first impression for anyone that visits. 

Thus, you have to choose wisely by going for a carved dining table or huge mirrors. Another thing that could work best is a valued collection of an art pieces.


Final thoughts on Contemporary living room design. 

In this guide on the interior design ideas for your contemporary home, we have described the basis of a modern living room. Also, we highlighted the essential features to create a sophisticated and classy interior. 

Contemporary living room interior designs are perfect and adorable. There is no shuffle by including one or two cupboards or some racks and TV in your living room. Indeed, this type of design has ventilation, especially if you complement it with flowers and candles. In the end, you will find out that your room will quiver and emit positive energy. 

Place a cozy, fuzzy, and homely couch in front of the bookshelf and feel like you are in the wonderland. Ensure your furniture can attend to your daily necessities. If you desire, a little coffee table with coffee and tea close to you to help during the rainy season will be perfect. 

If you are looking for professional Interior Designer in Pune; to help you with contemporary living room interior design. Go through our project gallery and Consider contacting us through our contact page if you like our work.


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