How to design contemporary living room for a compact flat?

Wondering how to design contemporary living room for a compact flat? If you like 💁‍♂️ sleek, modern designs with textural elements and clean lines, then you could describe your style as contemporary. And if you’re looking for inspiration to design a contemporary living room, you’ve reached the right place.

There are many elements to consider while designing a contemporary living room.

1. Balanced space design and use of bold lines.

Most prominent design element of contemporary living room is use of bold lines in details. You easily spot sharp lines in architectural details, high ceiling, door and window opening done without any decoration. These bold vertical and horizontal lines are essence of décor pieces used in the living room. Art work such as sculptures and frames are usually geometric in shape. Completely avoiding organic forms or patterns.

In contemporary style negative and positive space is used in balance to accommodate bold and flashy furniture. The empty space on walls and between the furniture pieces makes the room cleaner; because of this every small detail stands out.

2. Use of basic bright color palettes.

What makes this style exciting is you get to choose wide range of colors as you wish. From light white with yellow nuances to bright purple or deep green hues; choice is yours! opt for bold color for wallpapers and texture paints in front of light pastel background.

3. Tiled wooden or carpeted floors.

A contemporary living room must exhibit a sense of cleanliness; there are three options you could choose from for flooring.

a. Carpets
b. Wooden flooring
c. Tiles

If carpeted flooring is not your thing; keep floor clean and use colorful rugs wherever you can.

4. Décor and Art elements.

As the style is contemporary, you can get contemporary art work to display at eye level. Consider it's placement in geometric grids. For wall decoration we suggest you to opt for matte or polished natural wood frames in black or white; these would be perfect your room. If you need a professional advise to design your contemporary house. Go to our contact page and request a callback for consultation. Our expert interior designers will help you design your dream home.

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