Actionable Sofa Care Tips from Expert Interior Designers.

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Sofa care is difficult but not impossible; let's see how it can be done effortlessly. Any living room is incomplete without a sofa set to decorate the place; its shine and sheen attract your eyes to the masterpiece. The sofa choice represents the taste of the owner and increases the importance of that furniture in the room.

But as they say with great power comes great responsibilities, similarly with gorgeous furniture comes great risk of damage and liquid spillage. For sofa care designer advice to ensure proper handling of your furniture.

How To Sofa Care Effectively?

Sofa sets come in a variety of materials ranging from fabric upholstery to velvet sofa to leather sofa sets. Each one of them has its importance and its glamour. Whatever kind you choose, you will always be faced with a difficult situation of handling and caring for them.

If you are new to all this, it might be a problem but worry not. We are here to help you out and guide you through the process of cleaning and caring for your sofa sets. These sofa care tips are simple to understand and easy to follow. So stick with us till the end.

Cleaning your sofa:

The first thing that you should be focused upon is cleaning your sofa. Even if you don’t use them regularly, you got to clean them regularly to prevent fading or unmatched marks all over the sofa set. Sofa care and cleaning are not very time-consuming and tedious if you do it regularly.

There are plenty of sofa cleaner chemicals are available in market for industrial use; you can stock those at your house yearly.

Some sofa care and cleaning tips for you to follow:

Fabric upholstered sofa care:

  1. Clean your sofa on a regular basis
  2. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and dirt particles that settle in the fibers and fabric layers
  3. Clean using vacuum every fortnight to ensure a clean sofa
  4. You can also use a soft brush to wipe away the dust from the fabric
  5. Don’t brush too harshly and don’t rub the brush in order to avoid scratching the fabric
  6. You can also use a lint roller to remove excess dust and lint
  7. To remove stains or marks, use damp clothes
  8. You can use the suitable cleansing agent to deep clean the stains
  9. Let the sofa dry naturally before sitting to avoid crease

Velvet sofa care:

  1. Use a soft fabric brush to remove the dust and dirt from the sofa
  2. Don’t rub or brush harshly because it leaves mark on the sofa
  3. Use a brush for cleaning immediately after vacuuming
  4. Always brush in the direction of the pile.
  5. Use lint rollers to get off the dust, dirt, pet hairs, and other debris.
  6. Velvet sofa gets a feel of ‘crushed’ which adds to its antiquity, so don’t panic if it happens

Leather sofa care:

  1. Vacuum to get off the dust from the surface and the corners
  2. Lint rolling is also a useful method to get the dirt and dust off the leather sofas
  3. Clean it regularly with cloth and cleaning solution
  4. Condition the leather to give the leather a sleek shine
  5. Apply the conditioner using a cloth
  6. Let it sit for the night, and wipe away the next day with a dry cloth.
  7. Use sofa covers for better protection from natural elements

leather fabric care
Source: Canva

How to take care of pillows & cushions?

  1. If you use cushion covers, then you should clean them according to the label instructions
  2. You can use a suitable cleansing agent to wash it either in a machine or by hand.
  3. Use a lint roller to get off dirt dust and pet hairs from cushions.

Despite all these regular cleanings, it is advisable to go for professional cleaning once a year.

Sofa Care-Cleaning The Spills:

One of the most dreaded moments of sofa owning and sofa care history is a spill. When anything spills on the sofa, there is a 99% chance that it is going to leave a stain if left unattended. The first and the best step at that moment should be – quick action.

You could use sofa cleaning machine but these tips will help you maintain sofa longer. 

Here are some tips and steps to handle the spills:

  1. If you are using any kind of cover, remove it immediately so that sofa remains untouched by the spills.
  2. Use any clean cloth to soak up the spilled item. The less it seeps beneath the fabric, the better.
  3. Read the label for fabric instructions and use the cleaning agent accordingly
  4. Use a proper cleaning agent and apply it to the spill
  5. Don’t rub too harshly but blot it gently so that the stain gets off
  6. Use a wet and clean cloth to wipe it away
  7. Now use a dry clean cloth to absorb the remaining liquid
  8. It might have faded or gone completely
  9. If it remains, repeat the process.

But what about the stains which escaped the attention and have seeped into the fabric? Well, we have some suggestions for those too.

For stains that have seeped in:

  1. Check the suitable cleansing agent for your fabric from either the label instructions or by applying it to a small part of the fabric and checking it.
  2. Get some fabric cleansing kits suitable for your stains like oil and grease remover or old and resistant stain remover or something else.
  3. Be aware of the content of the cleanser, and choose the one with suitable ingredients.
  4. Try the same process of wiping using the cleansing agent as mentioned in the above section. (dab the stain with cleanser, rub gently, and clean using wet and dry clothes)
  5. If the stain persists, seek professional help.

Keeping Your Sofa In Prime Condition:

Cleaning might seem like a hassle but it will soon become a part of your routine. Using proper cleaning methods would improve the appearance of your furniture and add a point to your sofa care list. If you are thinking that your work with your furniture is done, then you are wrong. Sofa care is important to maintain classic look of your designed space. 

You need to take care of aspects other than cleaning too.

Here are some practical tips for sofa care:

1. Change the place where you sit.

If you are a regular sofa user, you might have noticed a slight softening in the sofa seat in your favorite corner. This is a piece of bad news for the health of your sofa set. You should keep the place where you sit rotating or changing to prevent the creation of a valley in your sofa seat.

Not only this, this change in the surface would lead to more dirt accumulation on the uneven surface. It is necessary for your sofa care that you use different sitting spots. You can alternate between the spots in order to protect the softening of the seats.

So make sure to change your seating corners regularly and advise your family and friends to do the same. It might feel tedious in the beginning but in the long run, it would save your sofa from a lot of damage.

2. Keep the cushions healthy.

Cushions are a very important part of your sofa set. They add up to the comfort and bouncy feeling that a sofa provides.  You can use the lint roller and vacuum to remove the dust and dirt.  You should pat and prod the cushions so that they maintain their fluff.

The feathers inside the cushions would lump if they remain in the same position for a long time. You should take care of them as well along with your sofa seat.

Make it a habit to rotate and flip them to prevent clamping of the cushions. It also helps the cushions to remain plump and soft for a longer period. Using the same side or same cushion for a long time leads to lumping of inside material and fading of the cushioned softness.

3. Keep it away from sunlight.

You should never keep your sofa in direct sunlight. The heat and UV rays of the sun work upon the fabric or leather and create tanning. The sofa color fades away and it starts looking old. For better sofa care, try to keep it away from any source of extreme heat.

You can pull blinds if your sofa setting receives direct sunlight. If the situation with sunlight is unavoidable, you can ask for stain protection for the sofa while purchasing the sofa. It will protect the sofa from UV rays too.

4. No more seating on armrests:

Of course seating on armrest is allowed for cats and dogs. Many people choose the armrests to rest their body which is a very bad practice as far as sofa care is concerned. Sitting on the armrest of the sofa damages the sofa. So make sure you use seats to sit; to maintain sofa care.

5. Use sofa covers or coveralls:

You can use sofa covers for more protection to your furniture. You can use partial covering or complete fitted covering to protect your sofa. If you don’t like using them regularly, you can use them occasionally when the chances of them getting stained are high. It is an ultimate sofa care hack for people who own pets. 

sofa care 2
Source: Canva

It makes cleaning easy too. Just remove the covers and clean them once or twice a month and replace them after cleaning. Now you know little about how to take care of most loved spot in the house. As you have read our tips you would like to checkout our interior design projects page; see if it matches with your choice.

Interested in hiring professional interior designer in pune? head over to our contact page and book a consultation today!


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