Entrance Lobby Design Ideas for your flat.

As the first space guests see when they walk through your front door, an entrance lobby design is arguably the most important room in your house. Entrance lobby design really sets the tone for the entire home. It’s important to make a good first impression with a welcoming entrance. Not to mention assign proper function to the lobby so that it becomes useful for the family.

Welcoming entrance lobby design tips.

We have tried our best to provide an interesting entrance lobby design for our interior design project from Pune. We love this shoe rack stacked in a corner; it shows how cleverly furniture could be designed so that; though being huge it should not appear clunky. It has been finished off with teak laminate on handle less shutters.

The Shelving unit has an upholstered seat making it a convenient spot to put on or take off your shoes.

1. Lighting to suit welcoming entrance lobby design.

You can add ambient lights in the hallway. Lighting should not be intense as there is always going to be a bright living room background. Colours you can choose pastel with a combination of one or two bold colours. To add utility to the room; you can install coats, umbrellas or gym bag holders on the wall. It will be easily accessible to you on the go.

2. Right colours for entrance lobby design.

Colours and textures are equally important while designing the entrance lobby. If your lobby is compact and dark you should go for light pastel colours to suit your living room décor. For walls you can consider brick or stone cladding as it will give a luxurious feel while entering; and it will provide a good backdrop for décor pieces to be installed on the wall.

If your entrance lobby is spacious and bright consider filling walls with one or two dark contrasting colours with bold colour splashes here and there. You can add texture by choosing from thousands of rich textured wallpapers that are available in the market in Pune city. “Nilaya” from Asian Paints has a good collection of designer wallpapers to choose from.

3. Choose perfect décor to compliment your entrance lobby design.

Carefully designed lobby is something everyone loves to visit. Nothing is more welcoming than a designer rug with a soft feel decorating the hallway. Comfy rugs are ideal fit for lobbies of all shapes and sizes. Just choose the type and colour which fits the interior design style of the living room.

Mirrors could become an important addition to the entrance lobby design. It easily transforms the whole look of the space and helps by reflecting more light in the area to create an illusion of bright airy passage. Mirrors come in different sizes and shapes; go with your liking and choose frameless or framed mirrors to create a design statement.

Entrance lobby is a perfect place for displaying casual family photographs on the wall; with the help of white/wooden photo frames. You can arrange those in geometric patterns or in random collage form. Apart from these one can add antique pieces or souvenirs from travels to add character to otherwise not-so-useful room.

4. Hiring Professional Help to design your entire home.

There are a lot of things you can do if you consider hiring a professional interior designer for your home. If you are living in Pune city and looking for an expert interior designer to design your Pune flat; consider hiring a design evolution lab to do the job. You can explore our work in the gallery section.

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