Rustic Interior Design Ideas for your modern home in Pune.

Get a rustic interior design makeover for your modern home. Read our blog specifically designed for clients who are looking for refreshing interior design ideas to implement in Pune.

Interior design should be a reflection of the homeowner's personality. Whether you are living in a stand-alone tiny house in a suburb or you are accommodating an apartment in a busy city such as Pune; Interior design is welcome imagery of yourself. When you finally decide to change the interiors of your home; there are many interior design styles to choose from. If you are one of those people who appreciate handmade décor pieces and classic traces of time then Rustic design style is made for you. 

Rustic décor style:

To have a rustic home you need not to live in shabby wood log cabins; with the help of our suggestions you will be able to pull a rustic look successfully for your home. You need to stress on natural and organic elements. Rustic décor pieces are made from natural materials or they are treated lightly. You can think about reclaimed furniture pieces, raw materials and all those elements directly come from nature. 

Rustic Design style by definition is aged, natural and organic. It could be little distressed. Other interior design styles that are similar to rustic are farmhouse, coastal and Tuscan. It's usually the opposite of contemporary but you can fuse this style with modern. Rustic décor feels unpretentious and stuffy. Rustic interior design style is highly approachable and laid back. Being close to natural elements; it gives a calm and welcoming feeling. You won't find bold colour splashes in a rustic room.

It is important to use a monochromatic woody colour scheme; where all tints are muted and there is less contrast visible. You can explore colours such as white, beige, brown and grey; but use warm tints of these colours.

How to design rustic interiors?

1. Identifying Rustic interior design elements. 

Rustic interior design celebrates the bond between man and nature. So far we have learned that the use of natural materials is the essence of this style. Therefore use of reclaimed wooden furniture is a  no brainer. Design ideas that scream natural materials are must haves. Use of wooden beams will help you achieve the desired look. 

Adding wooden backsplash to your rustic kitchen and splash of contrast colour to your cabinet will do the magic. Adding glass can also be considered; though it's not a natural element. Large French doors will bring sunlight into your house. Also it will bring nature inside by allowing you to view your terrace garden or planted patio. It will work as an extension to the rustic elements by not being an element itself. 

It’s true that the list of rustic elements is small. That doesn't mean you can not experiment with it. Though resources are scarce you are only limited by your imagination. You can explore DIY elements such as furniture, planters or shelves. As long as it’s made of natural material you are good to go. 

Scroll down for practical tips to achieve a rustic look.

2. Introducing Natural Elements.

Rustic by definition means rural; still rural architecture and interior design can reflect a bit of modernism. In order to introduce natural elements such as wind, light, wood, earth etc. you still  have to get help from modern architecture elements like large windows, doors, walls etc. and other decorating items. For example if you have a large office space which has little source of light you will have to install large sliding doors or even a skylight. For styling you can borrow details from Japanese architecture which are basically inspired from nature. If you have to install  large panel windows you can use wooden frames instead of steel. 

Make sure to introduce natural plants and wooden décor to further enhance rustic style in your house. You can opt for natural cladding stone for wall décor or table platforms such as black granite, dark grey slate etc. It will also help you to absorb sound. 

3. Choosing the right colours for rustic interior design.

By default you will have to use neutral colours like beige, white, browns and greys for rustic interior design. These colours are inspired by colours of earth. You still use bright tones in limitation to spice up the space. Idea is to incorporate bright splashes in moderation which will complement the rustic environment. For throws, pillows, curtains you can use natural floral or animal prints with contrasting bright colours. Colorful planters and flowers will add fresh colour to gloomy backgrounds. Wallpaper and texture paints could be treated similarly. 

While doing this keep backgrounds neutral. Keep the backdrop simple and minimal using off white, brown shades.

4. Use natural fabrics with textures. 

Texture is the second most important element while designing a rustic home. If you observe; all natural elements come with rich texture. In matte finish. Ideally you can use a lot of textures in the style. In this section you can borrow ideas from minimal Asian homes; they use a lot of pieces made of jute, bamboo  etc. you can use similar products. Upholstered wooden coffee tables, chairs and hardwood sofa sets will complement the rustic style. Be careful while choosing wood though; avoid splinters and use well seasoned wood for flat surfaces.

Get help from a design oriented interior designer from Pune if needed to choose the right fabric for you. Use natural water based polishes which are matte instead of using glossy artificial finishes. For wood consider using pine, teak, sisham etc.


5. Good lighting is equally important. 

The right kind of lighting can uplift your mood. Rustic places are often considered dull; but some effective light fixture could fix the problem and help you see clearly. You should avoid an overall brightly lit environment; instead design and assign lights for functional spaces. For example you can use a couple of accent lights above the dining table and focused hanging lights above the reading chair. 

Do not hesitate to add chandeliers in rustic rooms. These were widely used in French country style homes; incredible addition to maintain elegance in rustic interior design style. Here in Pune city there are many décor stores available to shop from. If you have a large living room consider using large chandeliers where you entertain your guests. They add class to your drawing area. 

6. Avoid geometric shapes. 

Rustic style has a vast history of accommodating modern and contemporary design trends from any era. One thing you can’t do is use geometric shapes. The real reason is as we know so far, rustic interior design style is inspired by nature; curvy organic shapes are prominent in nature. Using straight lines will create contrast as straight lines scream modernism; it will be unfair to use geometric shapes in rustic design. Instead use organic subtle soft patterns to create a traditional dated rustic look. Rustic homes are meant to be cozy, comfortable and warm; hence use organic shapes and patterns to decorate your home.

7. Utilize the outdoor spaces.

People often neglect the outdoor spaces while designing homes. However, in rustic design outdoors provide additional space to incorporate design ideas. Here in Pune city there is a craze for buying homes with huge terraces; but if you can't utilize it properly it becomes a wasted opportunity. Professional help from interior designers can help you decide and buy outdoor décor suitable for your home. For example you can add a small outdoor sitting space with some beach chairs, a swing and foldable stools. If you are decorating the balcony you can add cane furniture and a small bar using rustic wood.

The style gives you the opportunity to open up outdoor spaces by adding wooden beams to support a transparent roof to still allow some light to  enter inside. This may look out of place for some homes but in Pune city this additional layer of roof will protect your balcony / terraces from heavy rain. They will also make outdoor spaces look rural. The ultimate goal is to create cozy habitable outdoor space complementary to your rustic home. 

8. Choosing the right décor. 

To bring your rustic home into the 21st century, why not mix classic with modern by using all white décor, gold framed mirrors and white wooden flooring. All antique pieces will be easy to accommodate into the style; but be careful to choose colours most of the Indian decors are bright and bold in colour. Instead go for handmade wooden or terracotta décor for your home. Use of Persian rugs and blend of textured elements will elevate the rustic nature of the room. By accessorizing your room with ethinic fixtures, you can easily create an inviting feel. 

9. Hiring a professional Interior designer in Pune for help. 

If you want to go whole hog and transform your Pune home into Rustic, characterful space; consider hiring a well versed interior designer in Pune to help you realize your dream home. No doubt you can achieve the desired look by going DIY by following this article and doing in depth research. But if you want to stay away from the hustle and headache of going through the execution process of interior design; get help from one of the most trusted interior design firms from Pune. By sending your consultation request through our contact page.


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